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I'm Black and MAKING History!

Hello, everyone, it's Black History Month!! Okay, so I am not the first black woman president, but I am making history for me and my family; and I happen to be black a.k.a. African American, a.k.a. "a person of color", etc. Anywho. When I talk about making history, it is in the fact that I am living and I am leaving a foot print in this world. Sweet McGee isn't just about me being able to hang out in the kitchen all day, but it is to create something for my children in the future and to touch lives with our community giving initiatives. My history may not be written about in books, but my life and what I do is something that will, hopefully, have a positive effect on those around me.

I used to work for a non-profit organization that promoted community health and wellness; ranging from drug awareness and self esteem classes in grade schools to walking for health and health trainings in the local churches. I thoroughly enjoyed helping people make positive changes to encourage a healthier way of life. One organization I had the honor of working closely with was the American Heart Association (AHA). High blood pressure is not uncommon in the black community, and as you know, it can lead to heart attack and stroke. Through the partnership of the AHA, and other grant sponsors, I was able to train black leaders in the surrounding churches to disseminate important information about heart disease and ways to control/prevent it in a disproportionately effected community. Yes, there are many reasons as to why "47% of Black adults have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, compared with 36% of white adults" *(Cleveland Clinic, May 2022), and that is due to Health Disparities, but I won't dive into that. What I want YOU to know is:

  • What are the signs of a heart attack or stroke?

  • What can I do to cut down my risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke?

  • And how can I make sure that this knowledge continues to be shared with others?

Please visit to find the answers to ALL of these questions and more! You can also help Sweet McGee "Fund the Fight" and treat yourself and others at the same time [everything in moderation].

With a HISTORY of high blood pressure and stroke in my family, I need to know how to be better for myself and to help change the HEALTH history of my children.

God bless and be educated!

Don't forget to support with a purchase!

*Statistics provided by: Cleveland Clinic, May, 2022

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