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That Sweet Mile

Welcome, one and all! This is my first blog entry and I hope you enjoy it!

I have decided to dedicate this inaugural entry to the reasons why I do what I do - my two grandmothers.

Baked goods and pastries hold a special place in my heart. Dessert is not a mandatory part of a meal, but a privilege or luxury. To me, when someone makes or provides a dessert, it means that they wanted to go above and beyond to show love and/or appreciation. My grandmothers, like many others, went the extra mile for their families. They made the recipes that were passed down from mother to daughter and sister to sister.

I bake because it shows love. When people celebrate, what do they typically have - cake, cookies, ice cream, etc. I love being able to help people celebrate and go the extra mile for their loved ones or show appreciation to their friends or coworkers.

In the picture above, is my paternal grandmother and I. On one Sunday afternoon, we sat and went through her recipes. Some were family favorites and others were recipes that she just thought were good. I recently lost my paternal grandmother and count it an ABSOLUTE blessing to have had this moment with her. To be able to recreate the recipes that she made so lovingly for her children and grands is an honor, and just these desserts will bring about great memories of her.

This is my maternal grandmother, she is still cranking out those goods, not as much as she used to, but she still goes the EXTRA mile at the age of 92. We talk about our latest baking experiments and new recipes.

These ladies have instilled in me the importance of family and showing love. That in turn, has encouraged me to share this talent with others and support the community that surrounds me.

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